After 9 years as an escort, and having tried every kind of sex work; I have an arsenal of skills that would rival anyone. I have also acquired a LARGE selection of lingerie, costumes, heels, toys and games.

Below you will find options for services that I offer. Each is an experience in itself. I take only 1 client per month, and as such I am able to give you my FULL and 100% attention. You can be sure I will be looking forward to our booking every single time. 


1950's housewife

I have a passion for cooking that I love to share. Choose any meal you'd like to enjoy and let me make it for you with love. While the roast is baking let me take care of your -other- needs. Then we can eat til our bellies are full and drink until we laugh until our sides hurt. Perfect for FIFO to come home to a home. Let me greet you like I missed you and take your coat. *Extra deposit required to cover food, depends on menu* 


GFE companion

GFE means many different things to many different people. To me, a girlfriend experience is one with extra love and affection. More touching, tender kisses. Imagine being lost in a sea of blankets finding passion like you've never experienced before. It's truly magical. Get lost in the moment with me.


body worship

My curves are perfection baby. I know you love them. Book some private time with me and show me how much you adore every inch of my perfect skin. Massage me, be my DATY slave and just live to please me.


other Services

Foot & Shoe Fetish

I love to have my feet worshipped, my boots licked and my stockings smelled. YES I have done foot jobs before. YES you can lick and suck and kiss and play as much as you like. Massage my feet, they work so hard. Paint my toe nails or serve me as a pedi-sub and get exclusive pics for your eyes only.


I love to play with couples, foursomes and moresomes. With covid new measures must be taken but if all the paperwork is in order LETS PLAY!!! 

Sploshing, CBT & more

Lets cover my bedroom in plastic tarps, take a trip to the supermarket together and get REAL MESSY afterwards. 

Experience in castration simulation and keen to do more CBT - Let mistress give you the punishment you deserve.

Photos with Me

Want something to remember our encounter by? I allow photos to be taken on our date. 


I secretly ADORE dress ups. Me and you if you like. Absolute TART cock destroyers? Or prim and proper cute little lady? Customise your experience. More than anything I'd love to paint your face. Just saying.

 Ignore sessions

I have SO much admin to do. Come be my foot stool while I update my website and pretend you don't exist.

Nude/Lingerie Maid & Bookkeeping services

Want to get your receipts in order? or your pantry? Need your floors vaccuumed? Want it done by a sexy woman in a naughty outfit? Or would you prefer me full nude? Just the heels and stockings? 

Video Shooting

Ever wanted to be in your own amateur porn? Lets make your fantasy happen. *Full photo ID and documentation required*

Event Companion

Need yourself some eye candy with brain cells? Got you covered. Dress me yourself or give me a brief and an allowance. Of course we need to match each other. I will study before we arrive so advance notice please x

covid plan & general info 

Single Use Hotel

Every booking I use a new hotel room, to reduce contact between clients

Private Covid Register

Your details won't be displayed like in a shop. They will be stored separately at an alternate location. They will be kept for the mandatory 14 days and then destroyed. 

Hand sanitisers and soap showers

I will also provide hand sanitiser at every booking. I also insist on soapy showers, I'll even join you if you like. 

No anal on me

I am however, happy to do anal on you. I love pegging and can do prostate massage etc...

No Drugs

Please don't come to an appointment under the influence, or carrying drugs of any kind. I reserve the right to refuse or cancel the booking at any time with no refund if I discover you have broken this rule. 

No Natural Services

Safe sex is the best sex. That's when I can really let go. I provide all required tools of the trade in all sizes to keep everything covered while we play. Yes, that includes the bj, pussy licking, finger fucking and any other forms of bodily fluid exchange. I am also tested regularly just in case and recommend you and anyone else who is sexually active do the same.

Deposits Required

A Deposit lets me know you're serious about meeting with me. I will use it to book our hotel room and the babysitter. Since it's just for you I'm happy to choose a location close to you for convenience

Advance notice Needed

My personal life is crazy busy. Between home schooling kids and volunteering at charities I don't have much time spare. So if you'd like me to spend it with you don't wait, book now. 

Use Your Manners

I'm a lady first, and manners REALLY impress me. In fact, if you don't show me respect I will most likely simply decline your booking. HINT: Your first contact is my first impression of you, so make it count. 

I'm open minded

If you're interested in something but you don't see it listed here. please don't be shy to ask. I will NEVER kink shame you. If I can't help I might know someone who can.