About Me

My History
I came from humble beginnings (read broke ass poor family) and always sought to better myself and raise my family from poverty. 

I studied hard, topped my class in everything and was a straight A student. I was even in the band - and YES I went to band camp LOL I can play multiple instruments and teach disadvantaged kids music for free.

I went on to become an accountant but found it  too much when I became a mother. My kids have special needs and I just couldn't do both things at once. 

I dreamed of being a sex worker from a very young age, probably 13-14 but it took me 10 years to finally join the industry. I have my girlfriend Taylor to thank for that, she took me to my first interview. 

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My first job was at Miss Ella Bella's parlour in Joondalup. I'll never forget the feeling of floating down those stairs afterwards. 

Since then I have worked at Club 316 in Perth, Il Signores in Midland and 212 in O'Connor (Now Ivy's Sweet Place)

I was originally known as Belle, but had to change my name when I moved to Club 316; since they already had a Belle there. So I became Skye Bloo, and my partner Taylor started working with me, She was called Bonnie then. I think Bonnie and Skye were my favourite years of working.

I took a hiatus for a few years and then returned to work solo as Audrey Clarke. After getting back together with Taylor I became Tiffany, and who knows I might even change it again someday! 


It's taken me  long time to find my groove with working. I thought for many years I needed to give the clients what they wanted. But doing things I didn't like made me sad inside, and I also copped alot of abuse that I didn't deserve

Now I know that what matters is I'm offering what I LIKE to offer, and I genuinely enjoy my bookings more than ever.

My personal life is VERY hectic now. I am home schooling my kids and also give lessons to other home schooled kids from my local community, I organise excursions and generally am the power house of our little home school unit. 

I also volunteer my time to help teach horse riding to kids with special needs, and deliver food to the homeless through a local charity.

It might sound crazy but my work time is actually my play time. When I get time off from my kids I want to PLAY. 


A few examples of my favourite pics from my shoots. You can see all of these on my subscription profiles and social media. Click the button below for more xxx 

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